What our customers say about our repair

"Fired right up. Many thanks!!. You saved me $1100"  Ryan G


"Hey man this is Danny, The truck runs great thanks!" Danny


"You saved me $1000!, thank you" Jose F


"Hi Shannon, Put FICM in the truck and it now works Great! Thank you" Lisa S


 "Hi Shannon, Thank you for the repair that you did on my FICM for my 06' F-350! I was back on the road for a fraction of the cost of a new one. My Father will also be sending his when it goes out. Thanks again" Larson G


"I want to thank you for the repair that you did on my FICM. The Ford dealership quoted me over $1000 for the repair. You fixed it for $100 plus shipping costs. My truck starts and runs again, just as good as it did when I bought it. You have a customer for a long time with me. I will definitely spread the word for your business." Josh H


"Got my FICM today!  Heard the 3 clicks...  cranked on the first try like a new truck.  Thanks for your quick turn around and fair price." Michael P


"Just wanted to say great job and many thanks, my truck hasn't run this good for a long time, can't wait to check my truck mpg and feel the strength again while pulling my work trailer!!! It fired up immediately for the first time in a longggggg time!!!! I will definitely recommend you to all my work 6.0 friends, GREAT JOB!!!! “Allen G


"Truck had been sitting about 3 weeks, motor was cold. It was a great sound to hear it start right up and run very smooth when I reinstalled the FICM.

A big thank you for the quick turnaround, and I was impressed with your packaging. Gave our local diesel guy your information. Thanks again" Lloyd S


"Installed the repaired FICM and the pickup started right up. Running really good now. Thanks for your prompt service. Will recommend you to other people and mechanics" Art H


"Received FICM today from you guys,  reinstalled it (3 good clicks from wiring harness) and my truck came to life... Way to go. I can't thank you enough, I've been worrying with this hard/no crank deal for a while. I will absolutely pass on the word of what good work you guys do! Thanks again" David B


"Thanks for the FICM repair. Excellent service and price. 1 week from when I took it out and put it back in!!  Will recommend you to all the people I know in Northern Ca. that need FICM's repaired. Thanks again" Jack M


"Worked like a champ.  Thanks again for allowing me to be a walk-in on Saturday afternoon" Matt H


"Shannon, Thanks again for the great work you did on my FICM! Received the package this afternoon, and installed it and....YES, started right up! Great to have my F350 PSD back on the road! A big "thumps up" going out to PowerstrokeDiesel.org about your workmanship and super-fast shipping! Thanks again" Joe B.


"The truck is running better than any time before. Again I thank you, Great job" Pam G.


"Well I've had it for a little over a week and it got to the low 30s last night it started first time this morning so it works great thanks so much" Kyle S


"Thank you for the fast repair time. The truck runs like new!" Dustin F.


"Thanks. FICM works GREAT!" James L.


"Truck started right away and runs Quieter!" Scott M.


"Man am I glad I found your company. The turnaround on service was great. 7 days from the time I sent it to you and I was reinstalling it in my vehicle. I the middle of nowhere Alaska that is pretty dam good. The FICM works great, cured all my problems. Two revolutions and she fired right up and purred like a kitten. I let it sit outside unplugged overnight (16 degrees) cycled the glow plugs and fired up like it was plugged in . Can’t say enough about how happy I am. I will be giving your information to some friends of mine in Fairbanks, Alaska that own big auto repair shops so that they may use your services in the future. Thanks again." William N


"Shannon I would like to offer my appreciation for the expert and speedy repair you did on my 6.0 FICM.  I mailed it on Thur. and received it back on Mon., installed it and truck fired right up.  I will always recommend your repair to anyone with same problem.  Thanks again." Jerry R


"Just to let you know, I been driving my truck for several weeks now since you rebuilt my FICM. This truck has not ran this good for several years. Thanks for your time on helping me with this! Gary G


"Starting off with great customer service provided with excellent communication I made the decision to go with www.ficmfixer.com. Chose the expedited shipping and sent the unit in on Monday. Got it back Thursday and was back running in short order. Engine fired right up and is now running like new. Thanks again for your prompt service." John N


"Hi Shannon, after getting the FICM back in it fired right up!" Patrick T


"The FICM is in place and the trucks runs GREAT, Many thanks from both my son and I for the quick turn around on the rebuild!" Tim P


"Plugged it in...Bolted it down...turned the key.. And VROOM!. Good job" Terence P


"Thank you for the good business you do. I've never done business with someone that returns money even though they tried to fix the component. I was just writing to let you know I mailed you another 5 FICM's with low voltage" Gustavo R
(This was in response to a shipment of 5 FICM's mailed that he mailed from his repair shop on a prior order. We were able to repair 4 of them and shipped those back with a refund for the one was not repairable)

"I re installed it and it worked great and the problem solved! Even this morning the temp was in the 20s and the truck started better than it did in 80 degree weather and idles SMOOTH." David S


"The repaired FICM is working great, thank you for the great work:)" Andy A


"I re-installed my repaired FICM today. I have to say, that's the best $135 I've spent in a long time. My truck starts like new. Great service with a quick turnaround time. Thanks for saving me hundreds." Phil P


"Thanks for the repair of my FICM which I received on the end of December. My 2004 starts again!" Stan Y


"Hey Shannon, Just want to thank you for the good repair job. My truck hasn't ran this good in a while. Plus when I think of all the money you saved me!!!. You have a customer for life."  James T


"Just wanted you to know the part worked just fine. Fixed the problem. Thank you" Buddy S


"Truck started up perfect after install" Ashley R


"Just wanted to let you know the FICM works great and thanks for the quick service” Jason C


"Thanks so much, In a time when my money is very very tight you guys saved my bacon It works wonderful"  Roy G


"I received the rebuilt FICM yesterday, popped it back in and my truck fired right up and is running normal again.  Your instructions for diagnosis and removal were spot on and gave me the confidence to take on the job.  Communication and turn around was great.  With about an hour of my time you helped me save at least $900.  Thanks so much." Terry B


"Everything worked out fine. Truck runs great.  Thanks for the help." Buck P


"Received my FICM, installed it yesterday, fired right up, runs great. Really happy with it. Thanks."     Robert T


"Can't believe it, sent my FICM out on Wednesday to Texas from Ca. and you shipped it back on Saturday. Received it on Monday, installed it truck fired right up, runs great and I think my mileage might have improved. A million thanks my friend you saved me a lot of money compared to going back to Ford." Robert V


"I received my FICM today and installed it. It works perfectly. I wish I would have contacted you sooner. I wasted 2 weekends trying to install a new Ford one.
Thank you very much."
Gary T


"Hi just want to say thanks for the FICM repair, truck starts and runs great thanks again."    Aleksey Y


"Hi Shannon, I just wanted to send a quick thank you for repairing our FICM.  It seems to have resolved the problem that we were having with our truck.  Your customer service was phenomenal and the turnaround time was very quick.
Thanks again!!!"
Joe and Talia


"Just put my FICM  back on my truck turned key fired right up runs better than before. Thanks for all your help " Dennis M

"Pick-up is starting good & running great" Jeff E


"Thank you for your great service my FICM is working great" Jason K


"She started on first asking, your service is A PLUS. U guys are better than the original manufacturer, Thanks. Will spread the good word." Richard


"Thanks for fixing the FICM. It works well." Paul S


"Thank you. I've had this truck 7 months and it has never started or ran this strong." Jerry L.


"Got the part Wednesday and she fired right up! Can't thank you enough for saving me a whole bunch of money. I will definitely send some more business your way.." Jason S


"Works great!, Thanks" Robert


"Thank you very much. I will definitely recommend you to people I know" Luke P


The pickup is running great now. Thank you!!" Jill C


"It just got here, hooked it up and it runs great, thanks" Matthew M


"I got it back and it is running great. I also cranks easier and idles fine. Thanks again"  Wes


"Thank you sir. I'll be sure to spread the word of your company" Frank W


"The service was bar none the best ever!" Bronson


"Hey, thanks. My truck is running good and starts much faster" Jeremy L


'It worked, thanks!!!"  Isaiah


"Seller's feedback speaks for itself. Truck starts/runs like new, perfect repair!"....mcookson77


"Got it today, installed it back in and the truck is running great"....Wes


"Thank you sir. I'll be sure to spread the word about your company"....Frank W.


"Fired right up. Many thanks!!. You saved me $1100!"....Ryan G.


"Whether this solves all of my problems or not, the service was bar none the best ever"....Bronson


"It arrived back quickly, hooked it back in, and it runs Great man!, Thanks!"....Matthew M.


"Awesome Experience!! Super-fast turnaround time. Literally saved me hundreds!".....bryanrak


"FAST AND EASY!!!!!!!!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA++++++++++++++".....thewildstranger


"It works great, thanks"....Isaiah


"Great communication, and great service. Saved me $1000 from dealership price!!!".....dcb3


"Great Turn Around"....rob-over


"Started on half a crank. You're the best! Added you to my will"....Blaine C.


"AWESOME! The customer is happy,truck is fixed, fraction of cost! A+++ highly rec!TKU".... bremel53


"Just as promised!!! Put it back in and started right up. A+++++ Thank You!!".... drskeet84


"Awesome Customer Service! It works great, saved us around $1000".... behuninhort


"Excellent service my pickup is running better then when i first bought it thanks"....sunshine_b3tn8


"Works perfect and shipped fast"....bugboycustoms


"I left feedback however I just wanted to let you know how impressed we were with your communication, shipping, prices, and overall service! the truck runs better than when I bought it! And you saved us over $1400 dollars and we will definitely recommend you anytime! Thank you so much!!! job well done!...Charlotte


"Bolted it back in and my truck runs like a bat out of H%LL, Thanks!!!!!!"...Nik D.


"Truck runs great, we’ll be doing business with future customer's Power stroke Trucks!!"...Jeff G. (Diesel Repair shop in Pennsylvania)


"Just got the truck back together and she runs like a Top!!!"...Mike from High Definition Landscape - Flower Mound, Texas


"BEST cust service on eBay!! Super communication, incredible fix, WOW!!!"...suzukiofescondido


"TOP NOTCH SELLER!....great communication, super-fast service and shipping...A+++".....444brad


"Worked great! Thank you!"......wagonguy


"Saved myself over $1000! FICM works perfect now, no more low voltage issues. A+!"....parliament1


"Fast 6.0 Ford FICM Repair!!! It saved me a FORTUNE & resolved my error code".....bruce972


"So pleased to have fixed a $1,000 problem on my "own". Vehicle started right up"....clarkrupp


"Great seller, super quick fix, truck runs great again. THANKS!!!!"....ecarsale


"Excellent service and very fast return shipping. Worked Great. Thanks"....jess12349


"Unbelievable it works. My truck is running great"......sharper96


"fast and cheap Thank you my truck work's great"......a1l2d3o4


"The FICM worked good after your repair. It was definitely the cause of the truck not running. The truck started quickly after reinstalling it and has run good for more than a week"......... Thanks, Curtis


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