All of our 6.0 FICM rebuilds feature the best aftermarket components in the business!

We repair/rebuild, tune, HP upgrade & sell FORD 6.0L FICMs (Fuel Injection Control Modules). There is no need to reprogram (or "flash") your FICM after we repair it -- and any 6.0 FICM we sell will also come preprogrammed -- so either way you just bolt it back in and go!


You don't want to fall for the lines that '58v adds power', that you should pay extra for a warranty, or that bad batteries, alternators or injectors cause these original 6.0 FICMs to fail, reality is that it's actually a manufacturing flaw (95% of the time) or a bad aggressive tune - in either case we 'FIX it' -  so that it's better than new. After every rebuild, we TEST your entire FICM in one of our 6.0 test trucks to ensure it produces the proper consistent voltage and runs smooth!

Our PHP FICM Horsepower Upgrade Performance tune comes in options of the Atlas 40, 80 or Hercules 100 HP! You'll experience gain not only with the added horsepower, but also see an increase in fuel mileage, less turbo lag, improved throttle response, and easier cold weather starts! Works in conjunction with all the popular ECM programmers. Click here for more information on the FICM HP Upgrade Performance tunes & a short video!​

Be sure to check out our 'Symptoms' and 'Testing/Removal' tabs (includes our video) on the left side navigation bar or feel free to call (or email/text) us if you're not sure you have a FICM problem.

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