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Can you test our FICM? Yes, if you ship us your FICM, we will test for $25 plus $20 shipping (cash or money order payment) . if you are local and make an appointment, we can test your FICM in or truck for $25 cash.

What if you find nothing wrong with my FICM when you receive it? We give you the option of our bullet proofing rebuild which prevents future FICM power supply failures and includes our same LIFETIME VOLTAGE WARRANTY or we can test and return for $25 cash/money order PLUS $20 shipping and shipping insurance.

Can all FICM's be repaired? No, some internal electronic components are not able to be repaired or replaced. Because of the sensitivity of the internal electronic components, please call us first if your FICM has been previously worked on by someone or has been disassembled.

Do I need to reprogram the FICM once repaired? No, simply bolt it back in your truck! There are (2) circuit boards in the FICM (Power Supply/ Program Side. The Power Supply side creates the 48 Volts to fire the injectors and that is what we repair. .

How is the best way to package and ship? As you know, the FICM is very expensive, so Please Wrap the FICM in bubble wrap and with plenty of packaging paper/bubble wrap to keep the FICM tight without shifting in the box.  Tip: An economical way for expedited shipping is to put the FICM in a FREE Priority Medium Flat Rate Box. Ask your Post Office Clerk for a FRB2 BOX (14"x12"x4") - this shipping cost with delivery confirmation tracking will be around $12 ($500 shipping insurance through the Post Office is an additional $7). Or if you prefer, use UPS or FedEx to ship to us.

What is the turnaround time? We rebuild same day received and ship out Priority Shipping via the U.S. Post Office the next business day.

Where are you located? We are located in the Colony, Texas ZIP 75056.

Can I drop off the FICM for repair if I am local? Yes, please call to make arrangements.

Will you accept personal checks as payment? Yes, but please allow proper time for check to clear prior to us shipping the FICM.

Do you accept Money Order? Yes, we accept only Postal Money Orders.

What is the warranty? We have a lifetime warranty on our repair procedure.

What does repair include? We repair the FICM Power Supply Electronic Circuit Board and replace defective components.

Do you repair smoke, fire, or water damaged units? Typically no, but please call to discuss the extent of the damaged units.

What sets you apart from your competition? Our lead engineer holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electronic Engineering Technology and has 25 years experience repairing electronic circuitry in the IT field. Our 12 years of Positive Feedback on eBay demonstrates our commitment to customer service.


Feel free to contact us with any questions @ 214-616-7858 or via Email: Shannon@ficmfixer.com


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